Air Into Breath 2002 Colorado Book Award Winner (Ashland Poetry Press)

Her "richly lyrical, beautifully descriptive first book of poems charts the passage of a woman caught in the very heart of life. Air into Breath is a splendid collection"--Edward Hirsch

2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Finalist

Phantom Canyon is a rich read, not an easy one. It can be almost painfully introspective, and is occasionally so abstract as to almost come untethered. Almost. It always lands safely, grounded by earth and life itself. The narrative has a rhythm like a heartbeat, a pulsing meditation on how to live with fear and doubt, violation and loss, how to circle back and love the world after all.

   --Editor’s Pick on Story Circle Book Reviews, the largest site for reviews of books by and for women...

Dig with a pen, said poet Seamus Heaney. Kathryn Winograd uses a pickax to excavate old pains and buried memories as part of a personal reclamation project in this collection of essays. Like the douser she hires in “Finding the Well,” she has an unerring instinct for what lies deep below the surface and is willing to drill down until she hits it.

     --5 "heart" review: Forward Reviews of Phantom Canyon

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About the Book

“Kathryn Winograd’s Phantom Canyon is a compelling collection. Here is the lyric essay at its most perceptive and powerful. I admire the insight and intelligence of the essays, the magnetic and masterful drive of the language, and above all the aching honesty that infuses every page.”

–Robert Root, author of Happenstance and Postscripts: Retrospections on Time and Place

"In these lyric essays, Kathryn Winograd mines the ore of girl, daughter, mother, wife, and writer, wilding her selves against Colorado’s high country. The immediacy and traction Winograd gets by pinning herself to mountain place and women’s emotion, whether alive now or in memory, is breathtaking, at times, sublime. What a tough essayist—and tender voice—the West has been waiting for all these years, ever since the ancient ones first arrived."

--Thomas Larson, the author of The Sanctuary of Illness, The Saddest Music Ever Written and The Memoir and the Memoirist

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stepping sideways into poetry writing

 Stepping Sideways into Poetry Writing: Practical Lessons - Teaching Students Scholastic

On a personal note, I found myself doing the book as well as reading it. Be prepared to smile often when reading Stepping Sideways. It is jam-packed with lively, uplifting poetry and creative ideas to improve not only the art of teaching but also the human connections among students, teachers, and the world around us all.