Writers Studio at ACC book release reading and recording

ACC Writers Studio Hosts Andrea Mason and Jamey Trotter held a book release reading and recording for D. J. Lee and me on May 1st. We both read from our new books and answered a number of interesting questions about creative nonfiction and the writing process.

If you’re interested, you can hear our reading through the ACC Book Release Reading Link. Use the password: 9h%Ti$28

2 thoughts on “Writers Studio at ACC book release reading and recording

  1. That’s great, Kathy! Looks as though the Colorado writing crowd is figuring it out.

    I’m a little distracted — heading out for Ithaca this evening, to an unfamiliar and completely empty house. Well not entirely unfamiliar, but I’ll have to learn to operate the place. Sleeping bag! The container may arrive next week. It’s likely. Until then I’ll camp, which is fine with me.

    Ruth follows in a month.

    Don Mitchell author of the story collection A Red Woman Was Crying. photography: hilodailyimage.com sometime blog: don-mitchell.com



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