Between the Heron and the Moss: a new book of poetry by my friend, Sarah M. Wells

“Between the Heron and the Moss is a modern spiritual woman’s rendering of the natural world that Hopkin’s poetry embraces: a world so infused by the spirit and grandeur of God that even the silhouette of a heron on a stick, the waxen leaf of a mayapple, or the seeds of sugar snap peas bear brilliant bursts of light, joy, and redemption to those who see to see. Wells beautifully melds the secular and the non-secular, the divine and the human, as she explores what tethers and frees the questioning heart.” –Kathryn Winograd, Author, “Slow Arrow: Unearthing the Frail Children”

What is it about this
one long stick outstretched
across the waters, this
one place within sight
of the roaring road
and passerbys like me , what is it
about this waterway
this time of day
in the dawn on the log
and in dusk, the shadows
across the glass, there he is now
spreading his wings and then
erect again as he waits
and changes space morning and evening
for me. Look look I point
for my daughter as we speed by, look,

did you see the great blue heron?

from Matins and Vespers, Between the Heron and the Moss

Heron near the South Platte River

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