On Beauty and Finding a Dead Flicker

[Beauty] compels awe, and awe
Is well known for its capacity to silence.

Louise Glück


I’ve been thinking about beauty and how these blue birds ahead of me keep throwing themselves off the aspen snags.  Like a hinge, the mind already calling them ‘beautiful” and “sky,” though I don’t know really what beauty is or how to make it so in a poem about a gravel lane I keep writing. Leonard never sees the bluebirds, though he wants to, but, every day, I walk into them, little chips of sky I might touch. When Leonard was a boy, his mother taught him to sing a song about pockets and falling stars and he sings it to me now, when we are happiest. In just this hour, fall has towed in its clouds like blue barges. Beautiful. And I am remembering the earliest summer morning, not in this here, not in this now: tree swallows flushed above the sedge and a guttering of flickers. And now this perfect silhouette in the dirt I thought to photograph at my feet because there was light and there were wings and nothing to grieve, door nor earth.

flicker impression in the dirt made of feathers

7 thoughts on “On Beauty and Finding a Dead Flicker

  1. Good—song is ‘catch a falling star & put it jn your pocket’. Liked ‘door’ and chips of sky. I thinkyou should add dead flicker. Finally saw a good movie on prime

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  2. Thanks, kookabird. Yes, you recognized the song. Leonard’s mom had him sing it to every guest that entered their door? I think the first image I put up was too big and didn’t load fast enough for you, because there is a “dead flicker.” Hopefully, you can see it now?


  3. Those bluebirds so rare here below: I’ve seen two in all the years. A brief meditation on beauty and how the inedible remains of the flicker are also beautiful. Well done.


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