Because of the need to stay safe during the corona virus, all but the virtual events lined up for Spring and Summer 2020 were cancelled, perhaps to be resurrected at another time. I do want to thank Lighthouse Writers, Denver Women’s Press Club, Women Writing the West, Inverted Syntax, Podcast with The Situation and the Story with Christina Meare, Mad Blood, ACC Writers Studio, The Humble Essayist, Covered Treasures Bookstore, and the Pink Progression: Collaborations, which all supported me and the release of Slow Arrow this spring through virtual readings and workshops, recordings, interviews, emails and news postings, and online videos. You can find the online videos and interviews on the Interview page.

There are a few upcoming events, but those are tentative not only because of the corona virus and our ongoing need to protect those most vulnerable, but because Black Lives Matters is a political, cultural, and historical movement that deserves our most urgent attention.

June 25th: Pink Progression: Collaborations Exhibit: Trine Bumiller and I and a lot of other wonderful artists and writers will have our collaborations exhibited as part of the Pink Progression: Collaborations at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities . The exhibit runs July 2-Nov 8 with a closing reception tentatively scheduled at the close of the show. Trine’s paintings and my poetry are exhibited side by side. As part of the exhibit, I recorded a reading of the poems that can be accessed by cell phone when you visit the exhibit.

Women Writing the West Conference Break-Out Session: Braiding the Essay: A Working Session on Excavating Deep Vistas, October 15-18th in Colorado Springs at The Antlers Hotel. The conference is a bit tenuous now. I’ll post more when final decisions are made.