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Pleased to announce that Phantom Canyon: Essays of Reclamation has been named a Nonfiction Essay finalist in Foreword Reviews' 2014 #INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards. In a competition with over 1500 other entrants, it's an honor to have made it this far. Winner announcements at the end of June. #INDIEFAB FINALISTS HERE

Conundrum Press shares its authors' work through its new lit sampler, The Conundrum. Read On White Space and Silence from Phantom Canyon there and the fine work of many of my fellow authors at Conundrum..

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Conundrum Press introduces the first issue of The Conundrum: a sampling of its published books, including Phantom Canyon: Essays of Reclamation

Words on Birds and Nietzsche from Phantom Canyon by THE

Despairing of words for love, which Friedrich Nietzsche described as markers for “something already dead in our hearts,” Kathryn Winograd goes searching for images instead.  . .

Jill Christman on "Bathing"from Phantom Canyon

You know how you remember where you were, who you were with, and what you were doing when you listened to such-and-such a song, maybe for the first time? Like Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” when no doubt you should not have been there, and certainly not with that crowd, under those conditions, in a smoky basement apartment with black lights on Oglethorpe Avenue in Savannah? Right. You do.

This is how it is for me with the first essay I ever heard from what has become Phantom Canyon—“Bathing.”

The Newest from Migrations at 9600 Feet, my year long  series on environmental issues and natural wonders at Beacon, a platform for reader-supported journalism.

Tathāgata, But Gently: Tales of the Poodle and the Free-Range Cow

For eight years now, Leonard and I have leased our land to a neighbor who lets his Angus cows drift from spring to early winter across the high meadows, a dark tide I follow in summer, ebbing and flowing around the circumferences of these forty acre plots where berms the vanished ranchers once dug into the draws pool into holding ponds, collect snowmelt and the long white bones of elk and cow I stroke my fingers along, harps of rib I pluck as if silence were song.

“Cows?” Leonard says, when I tell him what I am writing about. “That’s a real thrill,” and then disappears to tend to his fish tank. . .

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Kathryn Winograd, poet and essayist, is author of Air Into Breath (Ashland Poetry Series), winner of the Colorado Book Award in Poetry and Phantom Canyon: Essays of Reclamation 
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