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Welcome! I am a poet, essayist and teacher. I have written five books, with a sixth on its way. Slow Arrow: Unearthing the Frail Children, a collection of braided essays, has recently been picked up by Saddle Road Press for publication in February 2020. (You can find out more about my writing endeavors by hovering and clicking here!) Right now, I teach poetry and creative nonfiction for the Regis University’s Mile-Hi MFA program. Check it out! (Hover and click again!)

I owe this site and my recent writing to a twenty year “pie in the sky” dream my husband, Leonard, and I shared since the early 90’s: a writer’s cabin in the Colorado mountains.  One day we stumbled across forty acres of high meadow ranch land along Phantom Canyon with a view of the Sangre de Cristo that we could even dream of affording. Then we met a timber framer in a kilt at a home show.   Two years of money-saving consultations with graduate student architects, accumulations of reclaimed timber from Mendoza’s Old Brick junk yard, endless sojourns to the Teller County Building Permits office as clueless self-proclaimed General Contractors, and endless hours of Internet shopping for “put it together with an allen wrench fine furniture,” we finally opened the door on a genuine timber frame cabin of King trusses, Valley rafters and 100 year old hand-hewn beams from an old Wisconsin barn. 

Our cabin is the sweet spot of our lives and where I do most of my writing, and, lately, the inspiration for my poems and essays. Only last night, the wind in the aspen trees spelled me to sleep until the early din of the coyotes spurred me to the window to watch the last sliver of moon set behind Grouse Mountain, the early morning sky still star-spent. Scientists estimate that 90% of Europeans and Americans don’t know the natural night sky and I wonder how many of us get to hear the wild crescendo of coyotes or see the far snow of a mountain peak burn at first dawn.

I hope in my own small way to keep the flame lit for this beautiful world that deserves our respect, our love, our help. Our friends deserve it.

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