Flying Beneath the Dog Star: Poems from a Pandemic Pre-orders until November 29,2021

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Kathryn Winograd’s new chapbook, Flying Beneath the Dogstar, though rooted in an intense pandemic year, offers lyrical and exquisitely descriptive poems that speak to all of us. These quiet but not silent poems are alive with birds, one thread woven into a vivid tapestry of fibers: with griefs, rhythms of nature, the poet’s ponderings Within and throughout these poems, the poet holds the reader tenderly in the pulsing center of here.

            —Veronica Patterson, author of Sudden White Fan, Loveland Poet laureate, 2019-2022

Flying Beneath the Dog Star: Poems from a Pandemic, a semi-finalist for the Finishing Line Press 2020 Open Chapbook Competition, will be published by FLP on January 21, 2022. This is a limited edition collection, and pre-publication sales through November 20th determine the press run.

Flying Beneath the Dog Star was chosen by Finishing Line Press along with 13 other semifinalists, finalists, and winner out of 400 submissions for the 2020 Open Chapbook competition. I wrote Flying Beneath the Dog Star in the first spring of our pandemic during National Poetry Month, using many of the poetry prompts offered by NaPoWriMo (  These poems, written on the front porch of my cabin, are my journey through this strange and unknown world we are still living in.  Who knew when I sought solace at 9600 ft amidst the birds in my little spot above the Arkansas Valley, grieving over the deaths of eighteen hundred, that now we would have buried over a half million in this country alone, including my mother, my aunt, and my uncle?  

A few of these poems were published quickly in interesting places: The Colorado Sun, The Tiny Seed Journal, the Creation and Cosmos anthology, and Kings View & Co blog for the Cascadia Publishing House LLC

This is a limited edition collection, and pre-publication sales determine the press run. So please! order now through November 20th.  $14.99 per copy plus $2.99 for shipping.

How To Order:

  1. Easiest way to order is online through this direct link to my chapbook:  WinogradFlyingBeneathDogSTar
  2. If you get lost, order online at: Click: “New Releases and Forthcoming Titles” and do a search for my name.
  3. Or you can send shipping address along with check or money order made payable to:

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More words on Flying Beneath the Dog Star

Written from the deep isolation of our 2020 – 2021 Pandemic and the vivid clarity of sky and land at her high altitude cabin, these elegiac poems count the losses, personal and global, while seeking what remains: the poet’s love for each bird and every star, for memory and hope. By facing a winter’s bounty of grief, Winograd also shows us that the seasons abide.

            –Carol D. Guerrero-Murphy, WILLA award winning author of Table Walking at Nighthawk, Chained Dog Dreams, and Bright Path Dark River.

During times lived with few people (husband, family, friends) to a time thinking, at a distance, of all people (pan demos), Kathryn Winograd’s poems continue to harvest what is beautiful and powerful and true.

            -Martin McGovern,  author of the poetry collection, Bad Fame, and, the play, Joseph K.

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