Kathryn Winograd: Writer@9600 ft


I am a poet and essayist living in Colorado.  

I have published six books; my last book, Slow Arrow: Unearthing the Frail Children, a collection of braided essays published by Saddle Road Press , won the Bronze Medal in Essay by the 2020 Independent Publisher Book Awards and was a Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards Finalist and Colorado Author League Writing Awards Finalists.

My chapbook, Flying Beneath the Dog Star: Poems from the Pandemic, is a semi-finalist for 2020/2021 Finishing Line Press Open Chapbook Competition and will be published January 2022. Over 400 women poets submitted chapbooks to the contest. Flying Beneath the Dog Star will be published with 13 other winners, honorable mentions and semi-finalists.

I am an editor for a new press: The Humble Essayist Press. Based on the late Judith Kitchen’s model for The Ovenbird Press, (THE) Press is a publication platform for books of personal prose written by established authors who are producing a serious body of work over a lifetime. It specializes in books considered too risky commercially for mainstream publishers. Authors submit by invitation only and are chosen based on the quality of the manuscript, the strength of their past publications, and the contributions they have made as teachers, writers, and critics in the genres of personal essay and memoir. 

This spring, we published Joe Mackall’s, Yesterday’s Noise: A Family Legacy of Rage and Radiance, Annie Dawid’s , Put Off My Sackcloth: Essays. Mary Woster Haug’s new book, Out of Loneliness: A Memoir of Murder and Transformation will be published this coming summer. Check out THE Press.

Currently, I teach poetry and creative nonfiction for the Regis University’s Mile-Hi MFA program.

I divide my time between Denver and a cabin at 9600 ft. along Phantom Canyon Road near Victor and Cripple Creek goldmines. The solitude of the year and its tragedies drew me to the solitude of poetry and the birds that gathered at my bird feeders. Some of these poems and photos can be found online: To the Three Ducks Flying Beneath the Dog Star, Waking After Eighteen Hundred Dead, To The Swallow This Spring at the State Park’s Nest Box. Other poems and photos have appeared in The Raw Earth Ink poetry and art collection, Creation and the Cosmo: A Poetic Anthology Inspired by Nature, 2021.

I periodically blog and I have started sharing my bird photographs online. We have two wild life cameras on our land, in special gullies that animals seems to feel protected in. From those cameras, I have seen bobcat and mountain lion, bear and elk and other creatures I never knew lived in our small plot of land.

Scientists estimate that 90% of Europeans and Americans don’t know the natural night sky, so I am grateful I have the opportunity to hear a coyote crescendo at any time of the night or to see the far snow of a mountain peak burn at dawn or gaze again and again at the haze of that Silver River/Way of Birds/Sea of Milk that we call the Milky Way.

I hope in my own small way through my writing and photography to keep the flame lit for this beautiful still wild world that needs our respect, our love, our help.

picture of mother and baby bobcat
Mom and Baby Bobcat


More Slow Arrow News

Slow Arrow: Unearthing the Frail Children is Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards Finalist for Essay and finalist for the CAL Awards.

New Chapbook to be published by Finishing Line Press

My chapbook, Flying Beneath the Dog Star, will be published by Finishing Line Press as part of its open chapbook contest.

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